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“I Like Comics” was founded in November of 2010 and is not just about the comics.  The origins of its owners, Chris and Amy Simons and their sidekick, Jerry, are some what more dark and mysterious.

Chris crash landed to Earth as the last known inhabitant of a doomed planet and was raised by a kindly couple.  It was upon learning that he came from a desolate and cold planet with no comics that Chris vowed this would never happen to any child on Earth.

Amy was orphaned at a young age after seeing her parents gunned down in front of her by a common street thug about to steal a high grade Action Comics #1.  She then swore that she would train herself to find great comics at great prices so no other child would ever suffer like this.

Jerry came to work at “I Like Comics” after a mob related murder of his trapeze artist parents left him alone and seeking a purpose in life.

Hours of Operation

Open 7 days a week   10am – 7pm


“I Like Comics” is an active member in the Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR community.  We buy and sell comic books, graphic novels, statues, original artwork and other collectibles.  “I Like Comics” also offers great deals for those that have subscription boxes.

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Chris has become a good replacement for a bartender. ~ Christopher H.