Upcoming Red 5 Comics

The following are all the Comics From Red 5 Comics for the month of July.

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  • BOX #2

    BOX #2
    Leo has found the kidnapped professor, and The Box's original owner with him - Methuselah. Even if he can get away Methuselah and the Mob, he knows they'll go after Claire to get at him and The Box and she is still locked up in Sing Sing. Can he get her out or should he just hand The Box over and be done with it?

  • VERGE #1

    VERGE #1
    A mysterious time travel event known as the Verge had brought thousands of people from across all of history to New York City. Vikings, Samurai, Romans, Mayans, Cavemen, and thousands of others all live in a vast and turbulent melting pot. Connie Liu, an NYPD Detective, investigates the murder of three Samurai, a case which threatens to turn the divisions in the city into all out war.